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Climate Change and Becoming a One Issue Voter

IMG_0420 (2)

This is a picture of the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon in Iceland. At 1.5 kilometers (~1 mile) long, and 200 meters deep it is Iceland’s largest lake, made up predominantly of glacial melt water. It didn’t exist 80 years ago.  Some travel…

Destroyed by Belief

guns of august

In reading the classic social science book, “The Guns of August,” I can’t help but think how relevant this book still is to today’s society. The book–often considered the definitive World War I narrative–spends the first third just discussing the…

This Island Earth


Some mornings, when the air is particularly clear, or the sunrises particularly grand, I take a brief moment to reflect on the grandeur of mere existence. I don’t do it enough, but how could I possibly give All of Existence its due credit…