I might have never thought that this slice of Scandinavia would become so important to me, but that was before I met my Viking girlfriend. Although I’ve spent all of my time so far in Jutland, away from the cosmopolitan capital of Copenhagen, Christine’s family and friends have gone well out of their way to make me feel at home. The U.N. claims that the Danes are the World’s Happiest People, and everything I’ve seen has back up this fact so far.

Despite not traveling to some of Denmark’s hottest spots, I’ve been extremely lucky to be able to get an “insider’s view” of these proud, happy people. Culturally, it can be a bit intimidating to come into many situations in Denmark, because traditions are so important to them, but they’re also very understanding and welcoming of outsiders (or at least this outsider).

I’m sure I’ll be adding much more to this page, but for now, enjoy my post on Legoland:


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