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Lessons from Nowhere: Of Borders and Bananas

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Border crossings are at best tedious and at worst terrifying. More often than not they’re quite boring, waiting in long lines to have some border guard give your passport the briefest of glances before stamping or not stamping it on…

Lessons from Nowhere: Punta Arenas, Chile


At various points throughout Patagonia, we had declared ourselves to be at “The End of the World.” Clearly our perceptions were flawed, as there was always somewhere further down the road to go. But by the time we reached Punta…

Behold, The Wonders of Couchsurfing!

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In the midst of catching up with our couchsurfing friends Alex and Fernanda, from Peru and Chile, respectively, Christine turned to me and said, “This is so great, even I want to write a blog about it!” Hint taken, and…