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The Norden

Nordic Flags. Source: Wikipedia

Recently, through my various wanderings about YouTube, I came across a most excellent Finnish TV program, The Norden. The show explores various aspects of Nordic societies (prisons, police, religion, gender, work, and family values) through the eyes of a foreigner. The episode…

The North Korean Humanitarian Dilemma

Political Prison Camp 14, North Korea

Once again, we wait with bated breath and watch while North Korea rattles its saber, and once again, we hope that it is merely talk and not a prelude to something more. Of course, the American media has made hay…

North Korea: Peering into the Darkness

The view from behind our apartments. Everything past the river is North Korea. Photo by Kate Zeis.

For the last year, I’ve lived very comfortably on the absolute edge of Western Civilization, approximately 1.5 miles to the North Korean border. When I say, “I can see North Korea from my backyard,” this isn’t a metaphorical statement. During…