Moving Beyond 80 Couches

80 couches new new logoFor the last five years, I’ve toiled away on this site, sharing my thoughts and adventures, and at times laying bare my deepest emotions for the world to see. 80 Couches has evolved from a pure travel blog to a little something more (at least, that’s how I’d like to see it). However, the overarching goal has always been the same: to get my work “out there.”

Last week, an amazing opportunity fell in my lap. The editor of the excellent Liverpool FC blog, The Liverpool Offside contacted me about writing for their site three days a week. I caught their attention a couple of weeks back about my experiences watching former Liverpool players in Denmark. I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough. I’ve been a fan of the site for a long time. Its writers are witty, poignant, and humorous. The site also does well to foster positive, constructive discussions, so much so that even rival supporters from Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester City are welcomed, so long as they follow the general guidelines for discourse. (That is to say, so long as they don’t come there just to be dicks).

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the “out there” part of the equation. The site gets a ridiculous number of views, putting my quaint little website to shame.

So, where does that leave 80 Couches? Hopefully better off. For one, I’ll have to devote much more time to writing than I did before, and I’m a firm believer that writing begets more writing. Once my writing muscle gets a little bit of exercise, I generally don’t want to stop until I have a few solid ideas down on paper (digital or otherwise). And good writing begets better writing, as ideas and practice tend to have a multiplier effect, leading to a virtuous cycle.

Further, increased exposure on one site should hopefully lead to more views on this one. More visits means more motivation to produce new, interesting posts. At least that’s the theory.

It’s an exciting new chapter in my writing career, but by no means does it mean the end of this site. 80 Couches is, and forever will be, my baby, birthed and grown from my brain and fingertips, across the Interwebs.

My first piece is already up, you can check it out (along with the rest of the site) here.

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  1. June 16, 2015 at 16:32

    proud of you brother!!! I remember way back when we first talked about you should blog and just see where it takes you… keep it up!

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