On Adjusting

Note: Originally written on July 21, 2011, but I did not post it until August 7. The journal entry was never completed, largely because I realized that I didn’t have much to say. Turns out being happiness is a difficult subject to write about, or maybe I just have more experience writing about the opposite. Regardless, I would rather my blog entries trickle to a few happy–albeit trite–posts a month than an unending stream of depressed missives. On that note, enjoy:

I’ve officially been here 3 weeks, so now is as good of a time as any to reflect on my new life at English Village. Time has absolutely flown by, so by extension I must be having fun. And I am.

Last week was allegedly “busy” but compared to my previous job, it felt like a vacation. This week has been even more relaxed, and I’ve become completely comfortable with the flow and lesson plans. Above all else, my life is comfortable here. I like being outside of the hustle and bustle of Seoul, and yet close enough to take advantage of everything it has to offer on the weekends.

Paju is a nice place to live, even if the Han River is lined with razor wire and heavily patrolled. The rolling green hills are reminiscent of East Tennessee. The sky is bright blue on sunny days–unburdened by the smog that chokes Seoul. And as promised, the stars come out in force at night. There is a small observatory overlooking North Korea near-by; I’ve not been there yet but a trip is definitely forthcoming.

There is a massive outlet mall perhaps a 20 minute walk away. Ironically, I felt like I was in America far more than when I set foot in EV. We have some nice, cheap local restaurants, and a brand new super market close by.

I’ve started playing soccer every Monday night (and have been sore every proceeding Tuesday and Wednesday). I was massively out of shape, and even more out of form, the first night but the rust is slowly coming off. And Sydney has had her share of exercise too, she now has a field to run around in, and she does. Just as important, she now has the opportunity to socialize with other dogs, so her butt-sniffing needs are being fulfilled.

In short, there wasn’t much “adjusting” to do at all. I didn’t need to adjust to Korea. I didn’t need to adjust to my schedule (other than the burden of not working as much). If anything, all of my adjustments have been slightly to very positive.