Money for Nothin’ and Grad School for Free

On our walk this evening, an old man saluted Sydney. In other news:

Interesting development, I found out over the course of a couple of beers with a Swedish Couchsurfer that grad school in Scandinavia is free to foreigners. Free. FREE. I had to confirm this rumor through a quick google search this morning, and yep, it’s true. While grad school in Europe was on my radar, Scandinavia was not. However, given the possibility of free education, it has popped up with a rather large “blip.” From what I have read, the classes are available in English as well: absolutely incredible. May the God that you (or, for that matter, I) don’t believe in bless your socialist souls. While it is true that I am not a fan of cold weather, I’m sure I could stick it out for 2-4 years to get my masters and/or PhD.

I’ve learned the importance of having an escape plan in life, and an integral part of any escape plan is knowing where you are going next. Could Scandinavia be the next place for me? Time will tell, but for now it has jumped into the lead for my next great adventure (of course, after I complete THIS great adventure).

Oh, and I know Finland is in Scandinavia and their flag isn’t included above, but if I wanted to move to a place where suicide is in the Top 5 of national recreational activities, I would just move back to Japan.

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